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IneryDB 1.14.0

    What's New in Version 1.14.0:

  • New Plugin: Explorer Lite

    Added Explorer Lite plugin for the Dashboard.

    Provides real-time view of blocks, transactions, and actions on the blockchain.

    Allows user control with 6 buttons for manipulation of display.

    Detailed block and transaction overview on the left side of the widget.

    Modal for detailed information on transactions and actions.

    Data encryption with decryption option for better understanding.

    Added search field on the left side for entering block ID to retrieve detailed information.

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Installation process

Are you ready to harness the power of IneryDB? Follow these simple steps to get started in no time:

  • Check out the Installation Guide: Visit our official GitHub repository to access the detailed installation instructions for IneryDB on Ubuntu desktop. You can also find it in the docs section of our site.
  • Experience the Power: Once you have completed the installation process, you'll be ready to tap into the limitless possibilities of IneryDB.

Don't miss out on the groundbreaking features and transformative capabilities of IneryDB. Get started today and revolutionize your database management experience!

Note: For a seamless installation experience, ensure that you have the required dependencies installed on your Ubuntu system.

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Supported versions

Ubuntu 22.04

Ubuntu 20.04